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Top Coach to Mortgage Professionals

Host of The bigJOEL Show, #1 Mortgage and Real Estate Video Podcast

"There are a lot of old adages to describe Joel’s value, but he can most accurately be described as someone who knows how to drive positive results; he’s a winner. With Joel’s help, every day I’m one step closer to building a fully predictable and sustainable business model that will allow me to achieve my goals, security for my family and living life to its fullest."

Stephen S, Producing Branch Manager, President’s Club

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What to expect

Get down and dirty with Joel Epstein for the most profitable hour of your career. No shiny objects. No magic pills. No short cuts. Just real strategies to triple your purchase loan closings in 6 months. 

Learn the techniques and systems Joel used to originate and close 40 plus purchase loans per month referred by Real Estate Agents. Joel coaches and mentors some of America's top Loan Originators. Spend an hour with Joel and forever change your business.

Get to know bigJOEL

Joel Epstein is all about results and coaches many of America's top Loan Originators. No shiny objects. No magic pills. No short cuts. Just real strategies to triple your purchase loan closings in 6 months. Spend some time with Joel and learn the techniques and systems he used to originate and close 40 plus purchase loans referred by Real Estate Agents every month.


Joel started his mortgage career with SunTrust Mortgage Corporation in 1989. Throughout his career he has been consistently recognized nationally for his loan production. Once promoted to production management, his responsibilities included recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining loan originators, support staff, and marketing assistants for four branches, all while continuing to produce 25 purchase loans per month.


When Joel became a branch production manager for SunTrust Mortgage Corporation, he was the youngest branch manager in the company. Due to his limited years in the business, he found it hard to recruit experienced loan officers so he began recruiting people that had no knowledge of the mortgage industry. At that time, Joel had to create his own training program for the inexperienced loan officers. He did what he knew best; he had the new recruits implement all of his techniques that made him a top producer for SunTrust. These same strategies and techniques allowed Joel to close 13 purchase money loans referred by 11 different Realtors in his third month in the business.


Joel now works to train, coach and mentor loan officers and real estate professionals all over the country to implement his strategies and techniques. Joel is the host of the #1 mortgage and real estate industry video podcast, The bigJOEL Show. He is also the author of The Little Book on Big Ego.


Joel has appeared on numerous radio and television programs in the U.S and Canada, including nationally on CNN, Fox, Access Hollywood, NBC, ABC, CW, Sirius Satellite Radio, ABC Radio Network and USA Radio Network discussing ego.

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Book bigJOEL

bigJOEL will work with any group to customize his speaking engagements to fit your specific needs. Looking for something unique? Contact Josh Brown at or (202) 503-9671. 

Thank you! We will be back in touch with you shortly.

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