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A business partner that doesn’t take half the profit™

Joel Epstein, author of The Little Book on Big Ego, and Founder/CEO of Friction Factor, has years of experience dealing with out-of-control egos in stressful situations and has learned that understanding EGO is the key to a successful life.


By the age of 27, Joel was the youngest Branch Manager for SunTrust Mortgage. He quickly rose to the top of his profession, and is recognized nationally for his accomplishments. Stats tell the story. Over a billion dollars worth of mortgage loan transactions, helping 5,000 plus buyers navigate the number 1 most stressful modern experience today: purchasing a home.


Over time, Joel saw how this stress brings out the ego monster in everyone; not only the buyer but the seller, the agents, the appraiser, the underwriter, everyone - triggering an ego flare beyond compare - the makings of a sizzling reality TV show called, Who is the Ego Monster in the House Today? Joel knows the answer and he knows how to control them. And so his big EGO philosophy was born.


Then Joel got…well, too big for his residential britches, and began training and coaching sales professionals and executives in other industries, nationally and internationally. Joel has been coaching, mentoring, training, and delivering memorable presentations for more than two decades. He is truly passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams, both personally and professionally.


Joel's incredible success in the business world allows him to understand the day-to-day trials and tribulations of just about everyone in the game. Spend some time with Joel and he will profoundly change the way you interact with your co-workers, employees, team members, family members, business partners, and the list goes on.


For the last two decades, Joel has helped some of the largest companies in the country exceed their sales goals and develop productive corporate cultures. Some of his clients include: Under Armour, Lockheed Martin, Project Management Institute, University of Toronto, Wells Fargo, and Keller Williams.

Joel is the host of the #1 mortgage and real estate industry video podcast, The bigJOEL Show. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs in the US and Canada. Some of the programs Joel has appeared on include: CNN, Fox, Access Hollywood, NBC, ABC, CW, Sirius Satellite Radio, ABC Radio Network, and USA Radio Network.

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