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CRUSH! Coaching™️ Intro to Foundation

Ready to explode your business?

CRUSH! Coaching™️ Intro to Foundation

Want to increase your sales team's loan originations without spending money on costly lead generation programs?  Want to double or even triple their production numbers in 12 months? CRUSH! Coaching™️ Intro to Foundation is designed to teach loan officers how to do both of these things.


Joel teaches loan officers how to get past the gatekeeper to find real estate agents who will work with them, effectively meet those agents that are not available in their office, turn these contacts into relationships and then business. Joel takes “Working your Sphere of Influence” to a whole new level.


This program is designed for new and/or underperforming Loan Officers to begin the process of building a purchase money loan, real estate agent based, referral business. If your loan officers have an open mind and are willing to learn new techniques and strategies, then this course is for them.

If multiple loan officers are booked by a sales leader, we offer $100 off the $495 investment.




  • 12 weekly 30 minute group calls

  • Private Facebook group access

  • Direct access to your coach who works the exact same program, available after-hours and weekends

  • Tracking sheet with open houses, office visits, and bigJOEL's BIG 5 tracking

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"I firmly believe that [my LO] participating in your coaching program, contributed to his success!  His mindset shift into getting out on the weekends with his Realtors, gave his business just the kick it was lacking to build trust with more Realtors and to become more visible to them."

- Kelly Rogers, Sales Leader

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Ready to get started?

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