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CRUSH! Coaching™️ Foundation Maintenance

Ready to explode your business?


“I am on fire. This is the most practical step-by-step instruction I have ever been involved in.”

- Marco Turner, Loan Officer

CRUSH! Coaching™️ Foundation Maintenance Program

Want to continue the lift you are getting from the foundation program? Want to double or even triple your production numbers in 12 months? Foundation Maintenance is designed to teach you how to do both of these things.

bigJOEL will continue to teach you how to get past the gatekeeper to find real estate agents who will work with you, effectively meet those agents that are not available in their office, and build your rolodex from a few agents that give you scraps into an army of best friends ready to help your business blow up.

This program is designed for new and/or underperforming Loan Officers who have finished the bigJOEL Foundation Program to continue the process of building a purchase money loan, real estate agent based referral business. By increasing the number of referral sources that know you and like you.



  • Weekly 30 minute group calls

  • Private Facebook group access, monitored by your coach who works the exact same program, available after-hours and weekends

  • Tracking sheet with open houses, office visits, and bigJOEL's BIG 5 tracking

  • $95 monthly fee, cancel at any time

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