BIC/PP System™ Master Class

Master Class Overview

During uncertain times like these, you either work to get ahead of your competition or fall behind. If you want to CRUSH! It™ now, having bigJOEL's BIC/PP System™ in place is the best way to ensure success.


In response to the many calls from CRUSH! Graduates across the country asking for help with the BIC/PP System™, Joel is offering a special Master Class. As you know, the BIC/PP System™ is the single best thing you can be doing during this period of social distancing to invest in the growth of your business right now. 


During this 4 week program, participants will take part in weekly calls with Joel and a select group of CRUSH! Graduates to get in-depth coaching on the BIC/PP System™. This program will ensure you are doing what you need to be doing to CRUSH! It™ this year. 

The BIC/PP System™ Master Class is only available to CRUSH! Group™ Coaching Graduates.


The Master Class will begin on Friday, April 3. Enrollment will be closing soon so sign up today! 


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