CRUSH! Coaching™

Agent Super Charge

Ready to explode your business?

CRUSH! Coaching™ Agent Super Charge

Are you ready to not just survive but thrive in this environment? Want to increase your sales without spending money on costly lead generation programs? If so, let's tune up your skill set with a CRUSH! Coaching™ Agent Super Charge class. 


Joel will set you up for success by teaching you the systems and processes you need to build and maintain a strong referral based business. Joel will get you organized so you can efficiently grow your business. Email, contacts, home office, social media, and car office organization are just a few of the subjects you will be taught. Joel will make sure you are Red Light Ready™️ by the end of this course. 


This program is designed for new and/or underperforming Real Estate Agents that feel crazed every day due to lack of structure. If you have an open mind and are willing to learn new techniques and strategies, then this course will put you on the path to success quickly!




  • 4 weekly Zoom coaching sessions

  • Joel personally teaches you

  • $495 one time cost

**Stay posted for the launch date of our next CRUSH! Coaching™ Agent Super Charge. If you register before a start date is released, you will be placed in the first available group.**

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