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bigJOEL's BIG 5


Everyone hates receiving unsolicited email and texts from people they don’t know. This is a fact. These emails and texts are deleted, sent to the spam folder or blocked as soon as they are received. My system for successful communication for your business dictates that you follow the following guidelines for email and texting. 

Never send unsolicited email or texts to anyone that does not meet the following five criteria:

  1. You know them

  2. They know you

  3. If you left a phone message in their voicemail, they would call you back

  4. If they saw you calling, they would pick you up

  5. If you saw them out in public, they would be nice

Go through your CRM and see who you are emailing or texting that doesn’t meet my Big 5™️ and stop spamming them now. You will be very glad you did this. You are better off sending 25 emails or texts to people that meet my Big 5™️, than sending 500 emails or texts and having 475 of them deleted immediately.

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